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While Pinky and I had our “mini meet” yesterday, I thought…I thought of what we had on the table. I thought of how far the portable industry has come in just two years. I thought of how lucky I am and have been to sample some really, really fine equipment. I thought of what is coming down the road and how I would be lucky enough to partake in said equipment.

You see, I took a small sabbatical. I had family obligations, and others; but I needed a break. I felt my writing had become stale, repetitive and boorish. Not a good thing when you are put in charge of people’s wares. Especially when they come to you with expectations. Expectations of something good. I fell short in a couple, but have since corrected. I feel better about that and how I now feel back to the task.

Finishing that REALLY long audition of the excellent iFi Pro iCAN, helped. An excellent device, which to me does not receive the respect it deserves, helped. In talking to Lawrance, this helped. Working out some small details, the Pro blossomed. Blossomed into an excellent device, of which I would replace my iFi Stack, if I could accord. But memories will have to do, because to be honest, that iFi Stack of which I speak is quite good, quite diverse, and quite enough. I do like it so.

Going from my excellent Elear to the wonderfully affordable iBasso it01, I was left with confirmation of what I stated at the beginning…what a couple of years it has been. The 64Audio tia Fourté is simply put incredible. I was lucky enough to hear his personal set, and all I can say is that the “hype” is not unfounded. And I will be lucky enough to not only have the Tzar and Fourté in hand, but the Dita Dream together. And my Maestro’s will gladly stand up to that party, stating “let’s dance!”

Adding in the different sounding Dorado, I reveled in Campfire Audio’s sound comparing to my Jupiter. I sampled the excellent Sage and Kaiser Encore. I understood the fervent passion with which Noble owners defend their ware. But I also know there are others just as good. That does not bother me, because the two were really, REALLY good. I could see myself adding a pair (and almost did a couple of weeks ago) to my stable. But that will have to wait.

My respect for the Opus2, grew. As did my wonder for the iBasso dx200. A fine device with a few niggles. An excellent continuation into the “mid-fi” realm. I would gladly add either, but respect my M5 all the more.

To finish, I have some quite nice gear headed my way, and will use this as a Segway back into the review “recipe,” full on bore. Excellent, exciting gear coming, and I am glad. I thank Pinky for the revitalization of that fervor, and as you can see from the photos, quite the nice gear we had. It is nice to have that listening opportunity, at hand. And going into the new year, I am thankful. Cheers all, and here is to a very productive new year, indeed.

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