DDHiFi accessories, part deux: Adapters & a really cool case

DDHiFi accessories, part deux: Adapters & a really cool case


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DJ35AG/DJ44AG: 2.5 bal female to 3.5/4.4 se male

TC35i: Apple Lightning to 3.5 se adapter

C-2020: mulit-DAP/IEM/accessory carrying case (this thing is THE BOMB!)

*Added: After a long period of use, I can say without hesitation that the DDHiFi products are built to last. I have accidentally dropped the C-2020 from a second floor LOADED with gear including the Shanling M6P and Cayin N6ii mk2, without damage. To say that I was a bit freaked out would be an understatement. I ran so quickly and loudly to the bottom of the stairs, that my Aussie ran and hid as she thought I was after her. I profusely apologized to her for the yelling (and language) by many hugs and treats, and of course all inside the case was just peachy.

I cannot say that the case was the reason for the saving of many dollars worth of material, but it certainly helped. Just don;t do it for fun. Sheesh. To finish, the DDHiFi products sent are near-bombproof and worth every penny of purchase. Good looking, good working, and solid build makes these an easy choice to recommend.

I named this “part deux” because like a fine French cheese, DDHiFi products seem to get better over time. This company gets it. They produce. They listen. They adapt. They better. And they are built tough. I am currently sitting on a golden Lake Superior beach in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (don’t you DARE come here…there isn’t enough room and it’s a “horrible place to visit”), with wares inside the C-2020. When Lily asked if I’d be interested in round two, I gratefully and gladly accepted. DD had taken some of our recommendations, and I am glad they did for the case. As nice as the C-2019 case is, it was a bit small for my personal portable travels. Don’t get me wrong. When school rolls around, the C-2019 will be the case of choice due to the size, but the C-2020 was meant for travel and protection. And the adapters? Well, they are now gold-plated and look just spiffy. One in particular I anticipated was the Lightning adapter, for even though some call the Apple version a good DAC and all you may need, I disagree. And after listening to the DDHiFi TC35i, this is now verified (my version).


Since I ended with that above, I thought a continuation would be appropriate. Made from the same surgical stainless steel of the iPhone 11, each adapter comes with a unique non-finished finish. Showing the cut lines of the solid block, gives that complimentary industrial look to it, and does work well with an iPhone. Even one with a case. Craftmanship is exemplary, with the aforementioned “cutting lines” adding to the feel and look, like it was forged for battle, yet has that delicate touch, with the lightning adapter sticking out. Weighing in at only 6g, the lightning shape lends itself to an open hand shape, which can be comforting and helpful all at once.

Lest one lose the adapter, a plastic ribbed insert complete with tether is included so you can attach it to a key ring, or simply make it easier to find in your pocket. A nice touch, even if the wire-like loop seems fragile (it isn’t). I will note that when using the adapter, if I place it “upside down,” such that the larger part faces down, it does not hinder my case. If I flip it over to what would be considered the “right way,” it does hit my Pela case and “scrunches” the top lip above the opening a bit. Not a big deal to me. Plus, this did not happen with the Case 21, which came with the phone (the “free case” you get to choose when purchasing).

As for the sound, the TC35i did not hinder music from the phone in the least. No coloration was heard from the music app nor Tidal Premium. On more sensitive IEM’s, there was a less than black background, which quickly went away when the music started. I find with sensitive IEM’s of mine, this happens quite a bit across the board, so I do not fault the adapter. My CTM Da Vinci X are known to be on the sensitive side and do that on most of the sources I have. So in a nutshell, the lightning adapter provides a clean clear musical sound without coloring the sound emanating at all. I highly recommend this.


Having reviewed and really liked the non-gold version, I expected the newer versions to perform in the same manner. In short, they did; without qualm. I do find the gold a bit garish for my tastes, but for those with gold DAP’s (I own a Questyle QP2R in gold, so…) or gold phones, the AG versions will compliment nicely what you have. They work just the same as the 2019 versions. Changing the 2.5 socket to transparent also allows the user to see the plug, once plugged in. Aesthetically this may be to your tastes.

I also find that there is no coloration of sound like you may get in some adapters. And yes, I have heard some that color or even muffle the sound immensely; and they will not be mentioned here. Needless to say, if I need an adapter for use at home or on the go, I grab the DD versions first and foremost. If you need an affordable, good looking adapter, there are cheap, poorly built versions, then there are the DD versions. I know which way I would go.

C-2020 case:

Saving the best (to me) for last I could wax lyrically for a good long time as to how adaptable this case is but will try to be succinct. For me, originally, I wanted a case, which could hold the Dethonray DTR1 & HA-2 amp, along with the charging walwart for the DTR1 and usb cable for the HA-2. I was able to get it to work, leaving the “non-DAP’ side free for accessories and IEM’s of my choice, sans cases. Then, with a trip forthcoming, and some reviews, which needed to be completed on my “working vacation,” I switched to the Shanling M6 Pro & Cayin N6ii as my go to DAP’s, along with the Shanling M0 for my workouts.

Originally clipping two TWS headphones (Bomaker Sifi ii & Fiil T1X, reviews forthcoming), on the smaller side, under the straps, the C-2020 worked but bulged markedly. Not wanting to ruin the TWS (even though the material was protecting the, quite well, I moved them to the big side between both big DAP’s. The result was a much more streamlined effect and better protection. This left the M0 and NiceHCK X49 (review forthcoming) to hold court on the small side, along with the adapters and extra tips/SD card. All necessary charging cables (I brought them all on purpose) fit neatly in the mesh pockets on the big side.

The result? An excellent controlled, svelte case, which absolutely looked the part. I could have included another small DAP on the small side, as well as three more case-less IEM’s if need had warranted. This case is meant to be a long-haul mule, and as such it does. Plus, it modestly looks fantastic.

YKK zippers are gold-plated, akin with the zippers themselves, which compliments the gold-like pattern in the weave of the fabric. With the addition of an Italian leather middle (yes like Ferrari & Lamborghini, but serving the purpose of looks and structure), there is a definite old-school quality luggage feel much like you would have used when flying came about in the 1950’s. Just top-quality construction, and ability to move and adapt when opening or closing the dual zippers. They do not catch and are quite large. But they fall nicely into place without fuss or fear of snagging. Throw in a shoulder strap or hand strap and you can carry this the way you feel.

The mesh pockets might feel a bit thin or flimsy but taking the M0 in and out of it for over two weeks has shown no wear. Plus, on the big side the removable Velcro dividers are thankfully wider and stronger than the ones in the C-2019. It is nice to see the company take the advice of those who have used the items. Manipulating them just so, gives the room for the TWS buds mentioned above. One could probably throw a set of IEMs’ in there in place should you want to sans case. The bifilar fabric simply protects the inside. It is also easily cleanable and does not show wear after three months of hard use. The leather does show a couple of mars, but nothing that would not show with repeated use regardless.


To say that I really appreciate the way DDHifi is going with their wares would be an understatement. The craftmanship is top notch and on par with the best around. The products run from quite affordable to somewhat higher but justified once you get the feel for what the product provides. I use the adapters several times a week (sometimes just because I can), and the case is now a daily part of my traveling life. While it will see less use upon returning home, it will hold the aforesaid Dethonray products, so it will still get to travel. In this regard, it is nice to have adaptable options and one more case, which easily justifies its purchase due to the multi-function capabilities. The products are excellent overall and would make for very fine additions to protect and use with your gear. I’m a fan.

I thank Lily and DDHiFi for the review samples, these are superb products and I look forward to their new wares, such as the iPhone 11 case and cables coming from their warehouse. I wish them continued success!

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